We use top-of-the-line local and seasonal ingredients. We pride ourselves on inclusivity, and that includes dietary restrictions, preferences, and lifestyles, and want everyone to be able to enjoy our wood-fired pizzas! We do our best to avoid cross-contamination, but sometimes it’s not always possible when we’re at outdoor events (and winds are high!).

Oh hi, I’m vegan.
Heyyyy. Technically, not a question, but we’ve got an answer for you! Our vegan/dairy-free nut-free cheese is made in-house by our friends at Dead Bird Brewing Co. and comes from sunflower seeds. Our vegan sausage and pepperoni are also made in-house by Dead Bird Brewing Co. The sausage is made out of pea protein and is gluten-free and our cheese is made out of sunflower seeds, also gluten-free. The vegan pepperoni is not gluten-free. We do a drizzle of local honey on the crust so let ‘em know to hold the honey (we usually ask) but just in case!

Do you have gluten-free options?
We always have a gluten-free crust option that is made in-house.

What type of flour do you use in your crusts?
We use single-source organic heritage flour and every ingredient comes from a local farmer.

Yo! What about eggs?
No eggs in ANYTHING!


In true Wisconsin style, we’re like snowbirds…
November-April: In the winter months, we move indoors to our brick-and-mortar West Allis location.
May-October: During the mobile season, we head outside to sling pizzas around town…you can see where we are each week on social and our website.

Are you always where you say you’re going to be during the week?
We try to be! Very rarely do we have to make a last-minute call due to weather or circumstances out of our control. The safety of our team and equipment is a huge priority for us. We try our best to communicate on social if we won’t be at an event, but sometimes it’s just not possible.


Here’s a link to our year-round menu. If you’re interested in our full catering menu for private events and weddings, click here.

I loved your Detroit-style pizza you had on Wednesdays last year. Where can I find it again?
You’re in luck, you can find it at the Pier Garden pop-up on the Third Ward Riverwalk at The Starling. All pizza is served as large slices on our famous house-made Detroit-style deep pan crust. Pier Garden is open Tuesday-Friday, 4-8 pm for food, and Sunday brunch, 10 am-2 pm.


Can you cater our upcoming event?
We’d love to! Head to our private bookings page. We’ve included the menu and pricing, as well as a form to contact us with the requested date. We’re a lean team and are at events around town during most of the week, but we do our best to reply back within 3 business days!


Can I order online?
During the mobile season, we can’t accept orders online. However, once our brick-and-mortar location in West Allis is open in November, you can place your order online for pickup!

Can I pre-order?
Unfortunately, our mobile system is not set up for pre-ordering at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Do you sell your hot honey?
We do! We sell it at all of our events. You can get it delivered from Milwaukee Farmers United It’s also on the shelves at Everyone’s Ice Cream at 8125 W National Ave in West Allis.

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